The Insider’s Guide to Commercial Leases

Leasing commercial property definitely fits under the umbrella of “high-risk, high-reward” scenarios. After all, leasing a residential property might mean you earn $1,000 per month from one piece of property. Leasing a commercial property can mean you’re responsible for a lot more money than that – and you’d better be on top of your game if that’s what… Read More »

How to Copyright Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a difficult legal term for many people to wrap their heads around. They know about real estate and personal property – but intellectual property? Of course, once you consider how necessary it is to protect original writings, musical compositions, inventions, patents, designs, and a number of other intellectual creations, you begin to realize just how… Read More »

You’ve Signed a Non-Disclosure Form – What are Your Rights?

Signing a Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement is part of standard practice for a lot of new arrangements in business. If you’re starting a job, you might find yourself signing one – this is similarly true if you’re working on a temporary or freelance basis. But while these agreements might be standard practice for some, you’re not going to… Read More »