Free Mail Fraud Complaint Letter

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This Mail Fraud Complaint Letter is for use by a consumer who may be a possible victim of mail fraud. This letter sets out the specifics of the customer's order including the name of the mail order company, consumer's account number and repeated requests to reach the company. It also requests that a refund be issued and that the appropriate authorities will be contacted if the refund is not forthcoming. It is imperative that this type of business letter be effectively set out in writing. A written Mail Fraud Complaint Letter will prove invaluable because it serves as a written record of the correspondence between the consumer and the mail order company. This Mail Fraud Complaint Letter includes the following: Parties: Sets forth the name of the mail order company and the consumer; Order Information: Sets out the account number and the items ordered from the company; Refund Request: Sets out a specific request for a refund and that the proper authorities will be contacted if a refund is not received. Protect yourself and your rights by using our attorney-prepared up-to-date forms. This attorney-prepared packet contains: General Instructions Mail Fraud Complaint Letter State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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