Free Stopped Check Letter

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This Stopped Check Letter will inform a company or individual (such as a landlord) to whom a check was written that payment on a particular check has been stopped. This letter sets forth the check number, the account for which the check was written and a brief explanation as to why the check was stopped. In this situation it is important that this explanation be clearly set out in writing. A written Stopped Check Letter will be useful if there are questions or disagreements regarding the payment by check on the account. This Stopped Check Letter includes the following: Recipient/Account Number: Sets out the name of the company or individual to whom the check was written and the account number for which payment was being made; Stop Payment Information: Sets forth the check number, account number and a brief explanation as to why payment on the check was stopped. Protect yourself and your rights by using our attorney-prepared up-to-date forms. This attorney-prepared packet contains: General Instructions Stopped Check Letter State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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