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Attorney Form Market Terms and Conditions - FindLegalForms.com

Attorney Form Market Terms & Conditions

FindLegalForms.com Attorney Form Market Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to the application to and the participation in the FindLegalForms.com Attorney Form Market Program. Please read them carefully. By applying to participate as an Attorney Provider, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

To become an Attorney Provider, you must: i) be an attorney in good-standing, licensed to practice law and ii) submit an online Attorney Form Market Application.

We will evaluate your application and notify you of your acceptance or rejection. We reserve the right to reject any applicant at our sole discretion.

Although FindLegalForms.com will try to keep the service operational at all times, a certain amount of downtime and interruption of service is always possible and inevitable. FindLegalForms.com is not responsible for any interruption of the service and Attorney Provider agrees not to hold FindLegalForms.com liable for any consequences of the interruption of any service.

If your application is accepted and your forms are distributed through FindLegalForms.com, you will have to sign an agreement similar to this sample agreement.