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  • Landlords: How to Become as Liability-Free as Possible

    Being a landlord can oftentimes be both a blessing and a burden. Owning property and collecting rent checks every month can constitute a great investment, generating income that you wouldn’t have otherwise. On the other hand, being liable for a number of potential outcomes at your proper ... read article »


  • What You Need to Know About the Assumption of Risk Agreement

    One of the primary focuses of our modern judicial system is on the idea of fault: determining who is at fault in any one given case is often enough to determine how the case should therefore be ruled. Fault, of course, is determined by a number of things. But a defendant in a court case ... read article »


  • What is the Role of the Promissory Note

    When people hear about the promissory note, they often have a similar reaction: “oh, you mean an IOU.” But there’s a stark difference between a promissory note and an IOU – a difference so stark, in fact, that it could potentially have major consequences for you if you signed one t ... read article »


  • Three Potential Agreements to Use When Hiring Work Online

    For people who have been using the Internet a long time, it’s an exciting time. Buying, selling, investing, working, hiring – all of interactions that used to happen only in office buildings are now processes that can be carried out online. But for people who are newer to the Intern ... read article »


  • Divorce: What is a Property Settlement Agreement

    Amidst all the chaos present in a divorce, it can be easy to lose sight on the tangible. You’re worried about your children, your relationship with your spouse, and how the entire divorce will impact your life. This is normal, of course – but it doesn’t mean you should be willing to ... read article »


  • Three Things You Should Know About Intellectual Property Licensing

    Intellectual property has been around for a long time, covering a range of art forms and sciences. It’s been around since the patent – U.S. patents are virtually as old as the United States itself. And intellectual property has been protected in this country through the golden age of H ... read article »


  • How to Organize Your Limited Liability Company’s Papers

    Many people know that the Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be a handy and convenient way to organize a company for minimal tax and legal liability. Heck, “limited liability” is in the name of the company type itself. But how many of us actually know how to organize one of these comp ... read article »


  • When Can You Request an Employment Recommendation?

    In high unemployment, one of the most difficult assets to require is an employment recommendation. After all, if you struggle enough just finding a job, how can you ever be expected to have the history of employment required to get a recommendation in the first place? The truth is, you’l ... read article »


  • Your Personal Checklist for New Loan Assumption

    Taking out a mortgage loan is a serious thing – it means that you’re making a 15 or even 30 year commitment to a bank and promising to pay them an extraordinary amount of money over that time period. And yet many people not only find that this commitment suits them, but they are actual ... read article »