What is a House Cleaning Services Agreement?

By | April 15, 2008

A House Cleaning Services Agreement is an agreement for a contractor or housekeeper who will provide house cleaning services to a property/business owner. This type of service agreement between the service provider and the owner of a property or business owner, is helpful because it defines the terms and conditions of the arrangement. Some of the provisions that may be included in the agreement may be: Terms of the agreement – Payment to be made to provider – How will the arrangement end – What services will the housekeeper be responsible for. All these questions or any other questions that may be important to either party should be answered in the agreement. In addition, the agreement will reaffirm that an employer/employee relationship is not created.

As always, if any party to the agreement requires it, translation to their relevant language should be incorporated.

Definition of House Cleaning Services Agreement.

You can find an example of a House Cleaning Services Agreement here.