Partnership Information – Texas

By | February 11, 2008

State website:
State law reference for partnership regulation:
Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes Annotated, Title 105,
Article 6132b, Sections 1.01+. (Please see Texas
Revised Uniform Partnership Act.)
Statement of Partnership Authority Registration:
Filing is only necessary for limited partnerships.
Partnership Authority registration fee: Only for
limited partnerships.
State law reference for name registration: Texas
Business and Commerce Code, Sections 36.02+.
Registration of business name requirements:
Registration is mandatory. The applicant must register
with the County Clerk in each county where the person
intends to conduct business (Section 36.10)
Business name registration fee: See County Clerk
in your county for registration fee amount.
Term of registration: Ten years. (Section 36.13).
Name requirements: None stated in statute.
Registration application requirements: The sworn
certificate must include the business name, the full
name of the owner(s), and the residence address of
the owner(s). (Section 36.10).
Publication requirements: None stated.
Office for registration:
Secretary of State, Statutory Filings Division,
Corporations Section, P O Box 13697,
Austin, Texas 78711-3697