Affiliate Information and Instruction

Our Affiliate Program

We allow selected web sites and newsletter providers to offer our legal forms for sale, earning 25% commission on each form sold through them.

Getting Started

Becoming a Affiliate and setting up the affiliate program is very simple. These instructions will help you get started quickly.

In order to become a Affiliate you will first have to register by filling out the on-line registration form. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have submitted your Affiliate Registration Form, you will receive a confirmation email message with your login information.

Accessing Your Affiliate Account

Affiliates can log into their Affiliate Account by using the login box on the left side of this page or via the Affiliate Main Page.

Once you login, you will be able to manage your account, review how your banners and links are doing, monitor orders and commission revenue in real-time, see payment history, and generate and pick-up both banner HTML code or text link HTML codes.

Affiliate Main Menu

Upon logging into your affiliate account, you will see a center menu with various options. Many of the options can be accessed through the navigation menu on the left. You have the following options as an affiliate (the various options are explained further below):

Banner stats, Orders stats, Payment history, Banner HTML code and Product HTML code. You can also modify and delete your profile as well (from left menu).

Banner stats - allows you to view your Banner Impression/Click statistics.

Orders stats - allows you to view your commissions.

Payment history - allows you to view your payment history.

Banner HTML code - used to get HTML code for selected banners.

Product HTML code - allows you to get HTML code for selected products.

Generating Revenue

To generate revenue as an affiliate, you need to send traffic to the site. The users/traffic can be either directed to the to Home Page, to a particular form category (i.e. Power of Attorney Forms) or even to individual products (i.e. California Durable Power of Attorney). Each link directing traffic from the affiliate's site to the site contains a special code that allows us to track sales generated by each different affiliate.

To send traffic, you need to place banners, buttons or text links on your site. We provide a selection of free professionally-designed banners, graphics and links that affiliates can use to promote the forms and send traffic. You can use our banners, graphics and links or you can design your own. Our banners and text links can be accessed from the Banner HTML code and Product HTML code links found in the Main Affiliate Page (after you login).

Getting Started

The simplest way to get started is by placing some of our ready-made banner ad code or text link on your site or in your opt-in newsletter. To do so:

  1. Click on the "Banner HTML code" link above.
  2. Find the banner/text ad you would like to use.
  3. Copy the HTML code on the right side of each banner/text ad
  4. Paste/Place the HTML code into the appropriate page on your website.

Thatís it. Your site will be on its way to referring customers and generating commissions.

As explained in the terms and conditions we will pay affiliates a commission equal to twenty-five (25%) percent of each sale (after deduction of credit card processing fees and any consignment/royalty fees) for all new customer form purchases that were generated through the links between your Web site and ours, and for which we have received full payment.

How to customize and make your own text ad/link:

You can create your own text-ad to drive more potential customers to our program. The link syntax should be the following:

XXXX - should be replaced your username.


If you created a text phrase such as 'Find Legal Forms Here!' and if your username is 'johndoe', the customized link code should be:

<a href="">Find Legal Forms Here!</a>


Please be sure you are using correct link format. Misspelling the link or your ID may cause a problem with visitor-tracking, resulting in lost sales and commissions.

Studies have shown that if you put the graphic or text link at or near the top of your website, your conversion rates (i.e. how many forms you will sell per ad display or click-through) will be much better!

Other Revenue Techniques

There are other techniques to direct traffic to site.

The links to site can be inserted in newsletters that you may distribute. You can create a pop-up that opens a selected page of every time a user accesses a certain portion of your site (we can even help you find code that will pop up).