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Overview - Attorney Form Market - FindLegalForms.com

Overview - The Attorney Form Market

We give attorneys and publishers the opportunity and the tools to make additional income by selling their legal forms to us or in partnership with us.

If you choose to sell your forms to us, we will first make an assessment of the value of the forms, and then make you an offer to purchase a perpetual, worldwide license for these forms. What we will pay for forms can range from $50 (for more specific, limited jurisdiction forms) up to $20,000 (for a large collection of forms).

If instead you choose to partner with us and sell your forms through our site, you will receive a royalty of 15% of the sales price for each form sold for as long as we sell that form.

Almost any type of legal form can be sold through findlegalforms.com. However, the most popular forms are "multi-state forms" that can be used across the United States (i.e. the same basic form can be used in all 50 states). Some of the other types of forms that also do well are employment related forms, corporate and business forms, landlord & tenant forms, intellectual property forms, real estate forms, and litigation forms. Naturally, any other type of legal forms can be sold as well. If you can provide any of the above mentioned forms or any other type of forms, you may be able to establish a nice extra revenue stream for your practice based on forms and materials you’ve already created.

Our custom written software allows our attorney publishers to track sale and revenue information in real-time and much more.

Getting Started

In order to become a part of the FindLegalForms.com Attorney Form Market you will first have to complete a very simple on-line contact form. Once we receive your information, one of our forms administrators will contact you to discuss the program, your forms and payment options.

Accessing Your Account

Attorney- and publisher-providers that have already registered to sell their forms through our site can log into their accounts by using the login box on the left toolbar on this page or the login box on the Attorney Form Market Main Page.

From your account you will be able to review orders and revenues in real-time and make changes to your account profile. More detailed help can be found once you log in.

By registering for our Attorney Form Market, you agree to the Attorney Form Market Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or comments about our "Attorney Form Market," please contact our forms administrator.