Business Management Consultant Agreement

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Business Management Consultant Agreement between a company and a consultant who will assist with policies regarding management, organization and finances.

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This Business Management Consultant Agreement is between a company and an individual who will provide consultation services for the company (hereafter "consultant") regarding company management, organization, operation and financial policies.

This agreement also sets forth that the consultant is considered an independent contractor, and that the company will pay for the services of others which consultant finds necessary in the performance of his/her duties.

This Business Management Consultant Agreement includes the following:
  • Parties: Names and addresses of the consultant and the company who desires to hire consultant to render services regarding the general operation of the company;
  • Services: Specific services the consultant will render including matters related to operations, financial policies and terms and conditions of employment;
  • Term: Sets forth the beginning and ending dates and that the agreement can be canceled by providing a set number of day's notice;
  • Location: Specifies where the consultant will perform the services;
  • Payment and Expenses: Sets forth if consultant will be paid in equal installments or via an hourly rate and expenses which will be reimbursed by company;
  • Independent Contractor: Consultant will act as an independent contractor and not a company employee;
  • Confidential Information: Consultant will not reveal any of company's confidential information;
  • Signatures: Both parties must sign this agreement.

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This attorney-prepared packet contains:
  1. General Information
  2. Instructions and Checklist
  3. Business Management Consultant Agreement
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Business Management Consultant Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT is entered into on ____________ [date], between __________________ [name of company], of __________________ [address] (Company) and __________________ [name of consultant], of __________________ [address] (Consultant).
WHEREAS, the Company desires to engage the services of the Consultant to perform for the Company consulting services regarding the general operations of the Company; and
WHEREAS, the Consultant desires to consult with the Board of Directors, the officers of the Company, and the employees of the Company, and to undertake, for the Company, consultation as to the operations of the Company.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises contained in this Agreement, the parties agree as follows:
Consultation Services
1. The Company hereby retains the Consultant to perform the following services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement: __________________ [describe services required, e.g., The Consultant will consult with the Company concerning matters relating to the management and organization of the Company, the operation of the Company, its financial policies, the terms and conditions of employment of employees of the Company, and generally any matter arising out of the business affairs of the Company. The consultation shall include advice regarding control, supervision, hiring and discharging of employees and independent contractors hired by the Company. The Consultant will also provide advice with respect to employee benefits and with respect to the purchase and/or lease of equipment and supplies relating to the Company's business].
Term of Agreement
2. This Agreement shall commence on ____________ [date] and will end on ____________ [date]. Either party may cancel this Agreement by providing ______ [number] days' notice to the other party in writing, by certified mail, or personal delivery.
Time Devoted by Consultant
3.  It is anticipated that the Consultant will spend approximately ______ [e.g., 20 hours per month] in fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement.
Place Where Services Will Be Rendered
4. The Consultant shall perform the services required by this Agreement __________________ [specify, e.g. at the office of the Company located at__________________ or at the location deemed to be most efficient and effective for the performance of the services as determined by the Consultant].
Payment to Consultant
5.  The Company shall pay the Consultant the sum of $____________ payable in equal monthly installments of $____________ per month on or before the first day of each month.
5.  The Consultant will be paid at the rate of $____________ per ______ [e.g., hour] for work performed in accordance with this Agreement. However, the Consultant will be paid at least $____________ per month regardless of the amount of time spent fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement. The Consultant will submit an itemized statement setting forth the time spent and services rendered on a monthly basis, and the Company will pay the Consultant the amounts due as indicated by such statements within 30 days of receipt of the statement.
6.  The Company shall reimburse the Consultant for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Consultant, including travel and temporary living expenses incurred by the Consultant. The Consultant will provide itemized statements setting forth all expenses incurred. Such statements will be prepared and delivered quarterly, and the Company shall pay such statements within 30 days from receipt.
Independent Contractor
7. Both the Company and the Consultant agree that the Consultant will act as an independent contractor in the performance of its duties under this Agreement. Accordingly, the Consultant shall be responsible for payment of all taxes including federal, state, and local taxes arising out of the Consultant's performance under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, federal and state income taxes, social security taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and any other taxes or license fees required.
Confidential Information
8. The Consultant agrees that any information received by the Consultant during the performance by the Consultant under this Agreement will be treated by the Consultant in full confidence and will not be revealed to any other persons, firms, or organizations. The Consultant further agrees not to use such information in any manner other than in furtherance of this Agreement.
Employment of Others
9. The Company may, from time to time, request that the Consultant arrange for the service of others. All costs to the Consultant for these services will be paid by the Company, but in no event shall the Consultant employ others without the prior authorization of the Company.
10. This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the written consent of the other.
Executed at __________________ [city and state] as of the day and year first above written.
________________________ [signature]
[typed name and title]
________________________ [signature]
[typed name]

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