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This Attorney-Client Fee Contract is for use in the entertainment industry in California. This contract sets out the specific scope of attorney's duties including counseling about and negotiation of entertainment contracts. This contract is for use in the State of California.

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This Attorney-Client Fee Contract is for use in the entertainment industry in the State of California. This contract sets out the specific arrangement between the attorney and client including the scope of legal services to be provided, the attorney’s hourly rate and how expenses or costs will be paid. It also sets out that either party may withdraw or discharge the other at any time and attorney must advise other parties of any potential conflicts of interest. It is imperative that this contract be memorialized in writing. A written Attorney-Client Fee Contract for use in the entertainment industry in California will prove useful in the event there are disagreements or misunderstandings between the parties.

This California Attorney-Client Fee Contract includes the following provisions:
  • Parties: Sets out the names of the client and the attorney;
  • Scope and Duties: Clearly sets out the scope of legal services the attorney will provide including counseling, negotiations and contracts for the entertainment industry;
  • Legal Fees: Sets out the amount of retainer, the attorney’s hourly rate and who is responsible for the payment of costs and expenses;
  • Conflict of Interest: Sets out that attorney is obligated to inform any other client regarding potential conflicts of interest;
  • Arbitration: Any disputes between the client and attorney shall be settled by binding arbitration in Los Angeles County, California;
  • Signatures: Both client and attorney must sign and date this contract.

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This attorney-prepared packet contains:
  1. General Information
  2. Attorney-Client Fee Contract for the Entertainment Industry
State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of California
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Attorney-Client Fee Contract
(California/Entertainment Services)



This ATTORNEY-CLIENT FEE CONTRACT (“Contract”) is entered into by and between the undersigned, _________________ (“Client”), and _________________ (“Attorney”).
1.     CONDITIONS. This Contract will not take effect, and Attorney will have no obligation to provide legal services, until Client returns a signed copy of this Contract and pays the deposit called for under paragraph 3.
2.     SCOPE AND DUTIES. Client hires Attorney to provide legal services in connection with entertainment counseling, negotiation and contracts. Attorney shall provide those legal services reasonably required to represent Client and shall take reasonable steps to keep Client informed of progress and to respond to Clients inquiries. Attorneys services will not include litigation of any kind, whether in court, in administrative hearings or before government agencies or judicial arbitration. Client shall be truthful with Attorney, cooperate with Attorney, keep Attorney informed of developments, abide by this Contract, pay Attorneys bills on time and keep Attorney advised of Clients address, telephone number and whereabouts.
3.    DEPOSIT. Client will deposit $_________________ by _________________. The sum will be deposited in a trust account, to be used to pay costs and expenses and fees for legal services. Client hereby authorizes Attorney to withdraw sums from the trust account to pay the costs and/or fees Client incurs. Any unused deposit at the conclusion of Attorneys services will be refunded.
4.    LEGAL FEES. Client agrees to pay for legal services at the following rates: Attorney: $_________________/hour; law clerks/paralegal $_________________/hour; secretarial $_________________/hour. Attorney charges in minimum units of ten minutes. Attorneys billable time includes phone conferences with client and with third parties on clients behalf. Other arrangements:
5.     COSTS AND EXPENSES. In addition to paying legal fees, Client shall reimburse Attorney for all reasonable expenses incurred by Attorney, including long distance telephone calls, messenger fees, postage, photocopying ($.25 per page), faxes ($.50 cents per page local, $1.00 per page long distance, $2.00 per page international), parking, and mileage at 29 cents per mile. Attorney shall obtain Clients consent before incurring any cost in excess of $200.
6.    STATEMENTS. Attorney shall send Client periodic statements for fees and costs incurred. Client shall pay Attorneys statements within 10 days after each statements date. Client may request a statement at intervals of no less than 30 days. Upon Clients request Attorney will provide a statement within 10 days. Statements unpaid for more than 30 days are subject to a late charge at the legal rate of interest.
7.     DISCHARGE AND WITHDRAWAL. Client may discharge Attorney at any time. Attorney may withdraw with Clients consent or for good cause. Good cause includes Clients breach of this Contract, Clients refusal to cooperate with Attorney or to follow Attorneys advice on a material matter or any other fact or circumstance that would render Attorneys continuing representation unlawful or unethical. Attorney has the right to discontinue work if client has failed to pay attorney in accordance with this agreement.
8.     CONCLUSION OF SERVICES. When Attorneys services conclude, all unpaid charges shall become immediately due and payable. After Attorneys services conclude, Attorney will, upon Clients request, deliver Clients file to Client, along with any Client funds or property in Attorneys possession. Attorney shall have no obligation to retain Clients files beyond one year after services conclude.
9.     LIEN. Client hereby grants Attorney a lien on any and all monies due client, claims or causes of action that are the subject of Attorneys representation under this Contract. Attorneys lien will be for any sums due and owing to Attorney at the conclusion of Attorneys services. The lien will attach to any recovery Client may obtain, whether by arbitration award, judgment, settlement or otherwise. Said recovery said be deposited in Attorneys Trust Fund account whereupon attorney shall deduct any sums due attorney and pay the balance to Client.
10.     CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Whenever an attorney represents two or more people at the same time with regard to the same matter, the Attorney is obligated to advise those people that there is a potential for conflict of interest. Such a conflict might arise, for instance, if Attorney negotiates a deal for a filmmaker with a co-producer or distributor who is also a client. Attorney has advised Client(s) of the following terms of the provisions of Section 3-310 of the California State Rules of Professional Conduct:
(a)     If a member has or had a relationship with another party interested in the representation, or has an interest in its subject matter, the member shall not accept or continue such representation without all affected clients informed written consent.
(b)     A member shall not concurrently represent clients whose interests conflict, except with their informed written consent.
Attorney has advised Client(s) of the following provisions of California Evidence Code section 962 relating to the attorney-client privilege:
   “Where two or more clients have retained or consulted a lawyer upon a matter of common interest, none of them, nor the successor in interest of any of them, may claim a privilege under this article as to a communication made in the course of that relationship when such communication is offered in a civil proceeding between one of such clients (or his successor in interest) and another of such clients (or his successor in interest).
Notwithstanding such joint representation and any actual or potential conflict of interest, Client(s) hereby consents to Attorneys joint representation provided Attorney discloses same beforehand. Furthermore, Client(s) acknowledge and agree that at no time will Attorneys representation be construed, claimed or deemed to be a breach of a fiduciary relationship, a conflict of interest or a violation of any other obligation to Client(s). Client(s) agree that at no time shall Client(s) claim or contend that Attorney should be disqualified from representing any Client in connection with any matter, related or unrelated.
11.     ARBITRATION: If any dispute arises between Client(s) and Attorney, the dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration in Los Angeles County in accordance with the rules of the State Bar of California, before a single arbitrator selected in accordance with those rules or the rules of any local Bar Association within Los Angeles County which is operating under the auspices of the State Bar or, if none, in accordance with the arbitration laws of California. The arbitrator shall have the discretion to order that the cost of arbitration, including arbitrators fees, or other costs, and reasonable attorneys fees, shall be borne by the losing party.
12.     DISCLAIMER OF GUARANTEE/INSURANCE. Nothing in this Contract and nothing in Attorneys statements to Client will be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of Clients matter. Attorney makes no such promises or guarantees. Attorneys comments about the outcome of Clients matter are expressions of opinion only.
13.     EFFECTIVE DATE. This Contract will take effect when Client has performed the conditions stated in paragraph 1, but its effective date will be retroactive to the date Attorney first provided services. The date at the beginning of this Contract is for reference only. Even if this Contract does not take effect, Client will be obligated to pay Attorney the reasonable value of any services Attorney may have performed for Client. The provisions of this agreement concerning legal fees, conclusion of services, withdrawal, lien and arbitration shall survive the discharge or withdrawal of attorney. This contract has been entered into in the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles.
___________________________         _____________________________
___________________________         _____________________________
(CLIENT)                        (ATTORNEY)
Date:                            Date:                

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