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This Service Agreement is between a student and a dance school or dance instructor. This agreement sets out all terms including tuition and registration fees and the term of the dance classes. This form also includes a student registration fee and a disclaimer, medical and photo release.

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This Dance Instruction or Dance School Services Agreement is between a student and a dance instructor or dance studio. This agreement sets out the relevant terms including tuition and registration fees and term of the dance classes. It also contains a disclaimer, medical and photo release and a registration form containing relevant information about the student. It is important that this type of agreement be written rather than via oral agreement. A written Dance Instruction or Dance School Services Agreement will prove valuable in the event the student suffers an accident or injury while attending dance class or if there are questions about fees and refunds.

This Dance Instruction or Dance School Services Agreement contains the following:
  • Date/Parties: Date the agreement was signed and names of the student and dance studio and/or instructor;
  • Fee Information: Sets out tuition and fees for the class and information regarding refunds;
  • Risks: Student understands and agrees to assume all risks during the dance instruction and agrees to waive all claims against the studio or instructor;
  • Medical/Photo Releases: If the student is a minor the parent authorizes that any necessary medical treatment be given. Student (or parent) also grants the rights to use the student's photograph or images for publicity and/or display purposes;
  • Signatures: Student must sign and date the agreement. If the student is a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign and date the agreement.

Protect yourself and your rights by purchasing this attorney-prepared form.

This attorney-prepared package includes:
  1. General Information
  2. Instructions and Checklist
  3. Dance Instruction or Dance School Service Agreement
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Dance Instruction or Dance School
Service Agreement



This agreement is made on the ___ day of _______, _____ between ___________ (“Studio”) and ____________________________ (parent/guardian) and ____________________ (student) to receive lessons ______________ - _______________ term.  Tuition is due, in full, upon registration.  Other arrangements may be considered upon request.
In consideration for classes given weekly, excluding holidays and inclement weather cancellations, the sum of $_________ will be paid to Studio for the selected term.  There is a yearly registration fee of $_____.
There will be no refunds and/or deductions for missed lessons or cancellations due to inclement weather.  Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable unless there is a valid documented medical condition or emergency.
A recital may be given at the end of the Spring semester.  Participation is encouraged but not required.   There will be an additional fee for costumes and recital tickets.
This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of____________ [insert].  This agreement shall be binding upon and cannot be assigned to another.  The failure to attend class does not waive the provisions of this contract.
This agreement is understood with respect to the subject matter and must be signed and delivered with check payable to Studio in order to register.
Student and parent/legal guardian understand and expressly assume all risks involved in connection with dance instruction, rehearsal and training at the Studio including but not limited to risk of bodily injury occurring as a result of contact with other students, instructors, walls, equipment, floors, structures, poles, and other objects located in or near dance studios, or the students physical condition or physical limitations.
It is understood that dance instruction is a physical activity and art form.  It may be necessary for instructors to place hands on the student for proper placement and correction of body alignment.
Student and parent waive all claims arising out of dance instruction, rehearsal, training, and performances at the Studio and/or other performance spaces and/or venues, whether caused by the negligence, breach of contract, or otherwise, and whether for bodily injury, property damage or loss or otherwise, which student may have against the Studio, its owners, officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents, and their heirs, executors and administrators.
The parent/legal guardian of the student requests and authorizes that in his/her absence, the student may be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment and authorizes physicians, or other such licensed professionals, to perform any diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, operative procedures and x-ray treatment of the student.  There is no guarantee as to the results of examination or treatment.  Parent/legal guardian authorizes the Studio, its owners, members, Board of Directors, and all employees and agents of these parties to act for the student according to their best judgment in providing or arranging for emergency care in any emergency situation requiring medical attention.
The parent/legal guardian grants the Studio the right to use and incorporate the use of photographs and/or videotapes of the student for publicity or display purposes.  Studio is granted the right to use said images for any purpose it deems appropriate and will not be held in violation of privacy rights.
Student: ____________________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________________________
Parent/Legal Guardian: ________________________________________________________
(If student is a minor)
$__________ Fee
Dancer's Name: _________________________________________________
Age:________        D.O.B.:______________     Grade: ________
Class Name                                   Day                                  Time
1._______________________     ________________     _______________
2._______________________     ________________     _______________
3._______________________     ________________     _______________
4._______________________     ________________     _______________
5._______________________     ________________     _______________
Parent/Guardian:  ________________________________________________
Address:  ______________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________     Zip: ________________
Home Phone (___)___________                 Work Phone (___)_____________
Cell Phone (___)_____________           E-Mail: ____________@__________
Emergency Contact: ______________________________________________
Emergency Phone: (___)___________________________________________

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