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Used to hire a disc jockey service for use in a variety of situations. This agreement sets out the type of event where services will be rendered (wedding, anniversary party, etc.), date and location, any song requests and compensation paid to the DJ.

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A Disc Jockey Service Agreement is an agreement between a contractor or disc jockey who will provide recorded music for an event and a client. A service agreement is helpful because it provides the terms and conditions of the arrangement. When and where will the event take place? What types of music will be played? Are there any specific songs or playlists which should be included? How much will the disc jockey be paid? These are all questions that will be answered in the service agreement. In addition, the service agreement will reaffirm that an employer/employee relationship is not created. This package also includes step-by-step instructions that walk you through each provision to help you fully understand the terms of your agreement.

This agreement can be used for a one-time event or for on-going services. In a few cases, you will need to choose the provision that applies to your situation.

This form can be used in all states.

This packet includes:
(1) General Information & Checklist;
(2) Information about the Disc Jockey Agreement;
(3) Step-by-Step Instructions for filling out the agreement;
(4) The Disc Jockey Services Agreement

Among others, this form includes the following provisions:
Time of Completion
Other Expenses/Accommodations
Number of Pages13
DimensionsDesigned for Letter Size (8.5" x 11")
EditableYes (.doc, .wpd and .rtf)
UsageUnlimited number of prints
Product number#33501
This is the content of the form and is provided for your convenience. It is not necessarily what the actual form looks like and does not include the information, instructions and other materials that come with the form you would purchase. An actual sample can also be viewed by clicking on the "Sample Form" near the top left of this page.
Disc Jockey Service Agreement


This Disc Jockey Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is dated as of ________________________, 20____, by and between
______________________________________________(“Contractor”) and ______________________________________________(“Client”) (collectively the “Parties”).  The Parties agree as follows:
1.   SERVICES:  Contractor will perform the disc jockey services described below (the "Services"): (check all that apply)
 Provide recorded musical entertainment:
(Specify details of services, such as playing guests' musical requests, etc.  Attach an appendix if you require more space)
 Additional services:
(E.g. act as master of ceremonies, karaoke, light/fog effects, etc.  Attach an appendix if you require more space)
2.  EVENT TIMELINE AND MUSICAL REQUESTS:  (Mark the applicable provision(s))
   The Services shall be performed on _________________, 20__, for a wedding ceremony, commencing at __:___ __.m., and concluding at __:___  __.m., at
         ___________ (location).  In particular, the Services shall be performed at the following times and in the following manner:  
Bridesmaid's Processional    (_____________specify song)
Bride's Processional       (_____________specify song)
Other Ceremony Music      (_____________specify song)
Recessional         (_____________specify song)
   The Services shall be performed on _________________, 20__, for a __________                                   (specify the type or name of event, such as wedding reception, reunion, or other party if desired), commencing at
__:___ __.m. and concluding at __:___ __.m. at    ___________(location).  In particular, the Services shall be performed at the following times and in the following manner:  
Cocktail Music (start at ___:___ .m. and play the following):
(Specify music preference, e.g., classical, jazz, etc., and/or playlist.  Attach an appendix if you require more space.)
Dinner Music (start at ___:___ .m. and play the following):
 __________                                                                                                        __________________________________________
(Specify music preference, e.g., classical, jazz, etc., and/or playlist.  Attach an appendix if you require more space.)
Dance Music (start at ___:___ .m. and play the following):
                                                         __                 ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
(Specify music preference, e.g., swing, pop, Motown, rock, alternative, disco, etc., and/or playlist.  Attach an appendix if you require more space.)
Other Music (start at ___:___ .m. and play the following):
                                                         __                 ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
(E.g. bridal party introduction, bride and groom introduction, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, other announcements.  Specify music preference and/or playlist.  Attach an appendix if you require more space.)
Do Not Play:
                                                ___          ______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
(Specify songs and/or musical eras which should not be played)
   The Services are ongoing, and shall be completed _______________ (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, daily, etc.), commencing on ________________, 20__.   The Services shall be performed on           (insert day of the week) between the hours of __:___ __.m. and __:___ __.m. at       ____________(location.)  
(more appropriate for on-going services).
   The Services are ongoing, and shall be completed as required by the Client, for the duration of the term of this Agreement.
3.   EQUIPMENT:  (Mark the applicable provision(s))
  Client shall provide the following equipment for Contractors use when performing the Services: _____________________________________________.  Contractor shall provide all other equipment necessary to perform the Services.
 When performing the Services, Contractor will use his/her/its own equipment.
 Contractor is to have complete control of his/her/its equipment, and reserves the right to deny guest access to the sound system, recorded music, or other equipment.  
4.   PAYMENT:  (Mark the applicable provision(s)):
   Client shall pay Contractor for the Services the sum of __________________________Dollars ($__________) for the first ____ hours, and ____________________ Dollars ($________) per additional half hour.  (This is more appropriate for a one-time service)
   Client shall pay Contractor for the Services the sum of _____________________ Dollars ($__________) per ___________.  (E.g. performance, etc.--this is more appropriate for ongoing services)
   The payments shall be paid in the following manner: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Describe when and how the payments will be made.  Will there be a deposit?  Is the deposit non-refundable?  When will the balance of the payment be due?  Will payment be in the form of cash, check, or credit card?)
5.   ADDITIONAL FEES:  (Mark the applicable provision(s))
   Contractor requires _____ minutes setup time and ____ minutes takedown time.  No additional fee will be charged for this time.  If the Client requires Contractor to complete setup more than ____minutes before the event start time, or to postpone takedown more than ____ minutes after the event end time, the additional time will be charged at the rate of  ____________________ Dollars ($________) per additional half hour.
   If equipment must be carried up stairs or lifted onto a stage, additional labor will be charged at a rate of ____________________ Dollars ($________).
Client shall reimburse Contractor for the following expenses only:                                                               ________________________   ____________________________________      ____________  
(E.g. excessive travel, overnight accommodation, etc.  If none, write “none.”)
Client shall be responsible for any and all expenses related to the venue, including:                                                                                        __________________   ____________________________________________________________  (E.g. parking, use of electricity, fire marshal, etc.  If none, write “none.”)
Client shall be responsible for providing to the Contractor the following venue accommodations only:                                                                                                 ______________________________________________________ 
(E.g. ramp or elevator access, minimum amount of square footage for setup, surge-protected outlets, protection from the elements, crowd control, etc. If none, write “none.”)
7.   LIMITATION ON LIABILITY:  Client holds Contractor harmless for any claim, loss, damage or injury to any person or property arising, either directly or indirectly, from Contractor's performance. (optional)
8.   RECORDING OF PERFORMANCE: Contractor's performance shall not be recorded, reproduced or transmitted without Contractor's written consent. Pictures and videotape of the event are permitted for Client's private use only. (optional)
9.  TERM:  
   The term of this Agreement shall begin on          , 20   , and shall expire on             , 20   .  (more applicable for one-time services)
   The term of this Agreement shall begin on          , 20   , and shall continue until terminated by either Party. Termination requires the terminating Party to give prior written notice to the non-terminating Party. (more applicable for ongoing services)
10.  NOTICE:  Any notice required to be given to either Party under this Agreement shall be sent via registered U.S. Mail to the appropriate address below:
If to Client:
If to Contractor:
(a)   All work shall be completed in a good and workmanlike manner, and, if applicable, in compliance with all building codes and other applicable laws. 
(b)   To the extent required by law all work shall be performed by individuals duly licensed and authorized by law to perform the work.
(c)   Contractor warrants that he/she/it is adequately insured for injury to his/her/its employees and others incurring loss or injury as a result of the acts of Contractor or his/her/its employees.
(d)   In the event Client shall fail to pay any periodic or installment payment due hereunder, Contractor may cease work without breach pending payment or resolution of dispute.
(e)   Contractor shall not be liable for any delay or nonperformance due to circumstances beyond his/her/its control.  
(f)   Contractor is an independent contractor and not an employee of Client.
(g)   Any changes to this document must be signed by both Contractor and Client.
(h)   This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of   .        
(i)   Neither the Client nor the Contractor may assign this Agreement without prior written consent from the non-assigning party.
(j)   The headings of the sections herein are for convenience only, and shall not affect the meaning of the provisions of this Agreement.
(k)   This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and the Contractor, and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this Agreement.  There are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.
(l)   If any part of this Agreement is deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Agreement will remain valid and enforceable as to both parties.
(m)    In the event that it becomes necessary to enforce any of the terms of this Agreement, the defaulting party agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred therein.  
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties have executed this Agreement on the date first written above.
CLIENT:                  CONTRACTOR:
_______________________________      ______________________________
Signature                  Signature
_______________________________      ______________________________
Name (please print)               Name (please print)
_______________________________      ______________________________
Title (if applicable)               Title (if applicable)

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