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Used for the sale of a vehicle like a car, van, truck or trailer with installment payments. The vehicle can be sold "as is" or with a warranty.

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A seller of an automobile or any other type of vehicle (van, motorcycle, truck or trailer) that is willing to receive payments for the sale, will require an Automobile/Vehicle Bill of Sale in conjunction with a Promissory Note.

The Automobile/Vehicle Bill of Sale form in this packet is designed to document the terms and conditions of the transaction and to protect the rights of both the seller and buyer. This legal form is also helpful for accounting and tax purposes and includes the make, model, year, mileage, and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle. The buyer can use an Automobile/ Vehicle bill of sale form to help prove ownership of the vehicle.

An Odometer Disclosure Statement is also included in this packet since federal law provides that the seller reveal the mileage upon transfer of ownership.

This Vehicle Bill of Sale form also allows the option to sell the vehicle "as is" or with some type of express warranty.

The Promissory Note for Purchase of Vehicle that is also part of this packet, is useful to protects the seller and to avoid possible problems in the future, and permits payment in monthly installments.

This Automobile/Vehicle Bill of Sale and Promissory Note packet also include simple instructions that guide you through each provision making it simple to easily understand the terms of your legal document.

These Important provisions are included in this Automobile / Vehicle Bill of Sale and Promissory Note:
  • Consideration paid: This provision indicates the sum paid for the vehicle and also can be used by the buyer to prove that valuable consideration was paid for the vehicle;
  • Name and Address of Seller and Buyer : Identifies and locates the parties to this sale in case of a dispute;
  • Make/ Model/ Year/ Mileage/ Vehicle identification number:Identifies the vehicle being sold;
  • Covenant of Ownership: Seller warrants that he/she is the true owner of vehicle and has the right to sell the vehicle;
  • Encumbrance Covenant: Seller warrants that the vehicle is free from any lien, security interest or other encumbrance;
  • Defend Covenant: Seller will defend vehicle against any claims or demands.;
  • Optional AS-IS Clause: Seller is not making any implied or express warranties as to the condition of the vehicle;
  • Promissory Note: Documents the terms and conditions for the Promissory Note, including amount, payments, interest rate and vehicle information;
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement: Under Federal Law, the seller must disclose the mileage upon transfer of ownership;

Protect Yourself, Your Rights, and Your Property, with our up-to-date forms.

This packet prepared by lawyers contains:
  1. Step by Step Instructions, easy to use checklist, and important facts for the Automobile / Vehicle Bill of Sale and Promissory Note;
  2. Automobile / Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  3. Promissory Note for Purchase of Vehicle;
  4. Odometer Disclosure Statement.
State Law Compliant: This legal form packet complies with the laws of your state.
Number of Pages7
DimensionsDesigned for Letter Size (8.5" x 11")
EditableYes (.doc, .wpd and .rtf)
UsageUnlimited number of prints
Product number#17113
This is the content of the form and is provided for your convenience. It is not necessarily what the actual form looks like and does not include the information, instructions and other materials that come with the form you would purchase. An actual sample can also be viewed by clicking on the "Sample Form" near the top left of this page.

Vehicle Bill of Sale
Odometer Disclosure Statement
Promissory Note

This Packet Includes:
1. General Instructions & Checklist
2. Information
3. Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
4. Odometer Disclosure Statement Form
5. Promissory Note for Purchase of Vehicle Form

General Instructions & Checklist
Vehicle Bill of Sale; Odometer Disclosure Statement and Promissory Note

   The Seller should sign the Vehicle Bill of Sale and the Odometer Disclosure Statement.

   The Buyer should sign the Odometer Disclosure Statement and Promissory Note for purchase of Vehicle

   Signature(s) does normally not need to be witnessed or notarized, although you may do so if you wish.

   Seller(s) should keep a copy of Vehicle Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement.

   Seller should keep the original Promissory Note for purchase of Vehicle containing the original signature of the Buyer. There should only be one original Promissory Note with the original signature.

   The Vehicle Bill of Sale form offers the option to sell the vehicle “as is” or with some form of warranty. Pick whichever paragraph is appropriate and mark it with an “X”. You can also take out the inapplicable paragraph with your word processor.

   If the “as is” paragraph is selected, the Buyer should initial the box on the right of the “As Is” Paragraph.

   Buyer(s) should keep the original Vehicle Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement. The Buyer should keep a copy of the Installment Promissory Note.

   Seller should provide the name of any lien holder(s) where appropriate.

   Buyer should make sure that there are no liens (by lenders, lien holders etc…) on the vehicle except those that have been disclosed.

   The Automobile/Vehicle Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement are not sufficient alone to complete the sale of a vehicle. The vehicles Certificate of Title (known as “pink slip” in some states) should also be signed over by the Seller.

   When the Buyers obligation under the Promissory Note is satisfied (i.e. the Note is paid off), the Seller should write “Cancelled”, “Satisfied in Full” or “Paid in Full” on the front face of the original Promissory Note and should then sign and date it. The original Promissory Note should then be given back to the Buyer.

   Laws vary from time to time and from state to state. It is always a good idea to have a lawyer review the completed documents including the Vehicle Bill of Sale and Promissory Note before they are signed.

   These forms are not intended and are not a substitute for legal advice. These forms should only be a starting point for you and should not be used without consulting with an attorney first.

   The purchase and use of these forms, is subject to the Disclaimers and Terms of Use found at

Vehicle Bill of Sale; Odometer Disclosure Statement
and Promissory Note

Whenever you sell (or buy) an Automobile or other vehicle and also wish to allow payments for the vehicle to be made in installments, it is a good idea to document the transaction in writing. A Vehicle Bill of Sale can be used for that purpose by anyone selling or buying a car, van, car, truck, trailer or motorcycle to/from another person with installment payments. It can help both the Seller and Buyer to protect their rights and is useful to both for tax and other accounting purposes as well. A Vehicle Bill of Sale can also help the Buyer prove that he/she owns the vehicle.

However, a Vehicle Bill of Sale is not sufficient, by itself, to complete the sale and transfer of a vehicle. The vehicles Certificate of Title (know as “pink slip” in some states) should also be signed over by the Seller. In some states, you might not be able to get a new Certificate of Title from the Motor Vehicle Department, unless you show them a Bill of Sale for the vehicle.

Under Federal Law, the Seller must supply the buyer of a car or other motorized vehicle with a mileage statement (i.e. Odometer Disclosure Statement). An Odometer Disclosure Statement is enclosed in this Package as well. This document is a formal statement of the vehicles mileage whereby the Seller certifies that the mileage on the odometer is either correct or incorrect.

The included Promissory Note for Purchase of Vehicle, establishes the Buyers obligation to pay for the purchase price of the vehicle in monthly installments until the vehicle is paid off. The Promissory Note sets forth the amount of the loan, terms of the loan, the interest rate, the payment schedule, the rights and obligations of the Seller and Buyer and also identifies the parties and the vehicle that is being paid for.

This form allows the Buyer to repay the “loan” back at any time without a penalty. In the event of default the Seller would have the right to retake possession of the vehicle.

Just like any contract, the Promissory Note can help the Lender enforce repayment terms and can be useful in any effort necessary to collect the amount lent.

Please note that this information is not intended as and is not a substitute for legal advice. These forms should only be a starting point for you and should not be used without consulting with an attorney first.


FindLegalForms, Inc. (“FLF”) is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  The use of these materials is not a substitute for legal advice. Only an attorney can provide legal advice.  An attorney should be consulted for all serious legal matters.  No Attorney-Client relationship is created by use of these materials.  



IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of $ ________________, received by ____________
__________________________, whose address is _____________________________ ("Seller") from _____________________________, whose address is _______________
___________________________ ("Buyer"), receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Seller grants, sells, conveys, transfers and delivers to Buyer the following vehicle (the "Vehicle"):

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
To have and to hold the same unto Buyer and Buyers executors, administrators, and assigns, forever.

Seller warrants to Buyer that Seller is the legal and true owner of the Vehicle and that Seller has the right to sell the Vehicle. Furthermore, Seller warrants that Vehicle is free from any lien, security interest or other encumbrance, except a lien by ____________
_____________________ (“Lien Holder”) and that Seller will defend Vehicle against any claims or demands, except any previously mentioned lien (if any).

(select one)

? The Vehicle is sold AS IS with no express or implied warranties or representations having been made by Seller to Buyer.
? The Vehicle is sold with the following warranty:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has hereunto executed and delivered this Vehicle Bill of Sale this ___________________ (“Date”).

(Signature of Seller)

Federal law (and State law, if applicable) requires that you state the mileage upon transfer of ownership.  Failure to complete or providing a false statement may result in fines and/or imprisonment.  

I, ______________________ state that the odometer now reads ________________ (no tenths) miles and to the best of my knowledge that it reflects the actual mileage of the vehicle described below, unless one of the following statements is checked.  

[__] (1) I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge the odometer reading reflects the amount of mileage in excess of its mechanical limits.

[__] (2) I hereby certify that the odometer reading is NOT the actual mileage.  WARNING -- ODOMETER DISCREPANCY.  

Make:  _______________________________
Model:  _______________________________
Body Type:  _______________________________
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): _______________________________
Year:  _______________________________

(Transferor's / Sellers Signature)

(Transferee's / Buyers Signature)

Date of Transfer: _______

Installment Promissory Note for Purchase of Vehicle

Amount $

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, _______________________________ (Buyer), maintaining an address at _______________________________ (Buyer's Address) promises to pay to the order of ________________________________  (Seller), whose address is ______________________________________  (Seller's Address), the principal sum of $_____________ (Principal), together with interest of _____% (Interest Rate) per year thereon from the date herein.

The unpaid Principal and accrued interest shall be paid in monthly installments of $_________, with the first payment beginning on ________________ and continuing every month thereafter with a like amount on the same date each month until the full amount of this note and all accrued interest is paid in full.

This Promissory Note is given as security for the payment of the purchase price and in connection with the purchase of the following vehicle (“Vehicle”):

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

All or any part of the Principal may be prepaid at any time and from time to time without penalty.  Payments shall be applied first to accrued interest and the balance to the Principal.  

The Title to the Vehicle will (check one) o be held by Seller until such time as the obligation under this Note has been satisfied in full or o be given to Buyer at the time of the signing of the Vehicle Bill of Sale and Seller will become a secured creditor with an interest and a lien in the vehicle. If the Note is not satisfied and Title is given to Buyer, then Seller must be listed on the Title as a Lien Holder.

In the event of any default by the Buyer in the payment of Principal or interest after demand is made, the unpaid balance of the Principal of this promissory note shall, at the option of the holder, become immediately due and payable. Any amount due at the time of default, shall accrue interest until payment at the rate of fifteen percent (15%) per year or the highest rate permitted by law, whichever is less. In the event of default for more than seven (7) days, after demand, the Vehicle must be returned to Seller and Buyer grants the right to Seller to repossess the Vehicles as a secured creditor.

Upon default in making payment within 7 days of demand, Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable legal fees and costs of collection to the extent permitted by law.

Buyer and all other persons who may become liable for the payment hereof severally waive demand, presentment, protest, notice of dishonor or nonpayment, notice of protest, and any and all lack of diligence or delays in collection, which may occur.

All payments hereunder shall be made to such address as may from time to time be designated by any holder and must be made in United States funds.

Buyer and all other parties to this note, whether as endorsers, guarantors or sureties, agree to remain fully bound until this note shall be paid in full and waive demand, presentment, and protest and all notices hereto. Buyer further agrees to remain bound by this note notwithstanding any exemptions, extension, modification, waiver, or other indulgence, failure, discharge or release of any obligation hereunder.

The holders failure to exercise any right or option hereunder does not constitute a waiver of any future right or option.  

No modification to this document or indulgence by any holder hereof shall be binding unless in writing.

If any provision of this Note is deemed unenforceable, in whole or in part, for any reason, the remaining provisions shall still remain in full force and effect.

This note shall take effect as a sealed instrument and is made and executed under, and is in all respects governed by, the laws of: _____________________________ (State).

(Signature of Buyer)

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