What is an Appearance, Consent and Waiver Form?

By | April 15, 2008

This process is used to eliminate much of the paperwork and often considerable expense from the process of obtaining a divorce. With this document, the spouse who is not designated as the petitioner/plaintiff officially makes a legal appearance and consents to the jurisdiction and venue of the court. This spouse (referred to as the respondent/defendant) also waives his or her right to findings of fact, conclusions of law, a record of testimony, motion for a new trial, notice of entry of final judgment or decree and right to appeal. Once the spouse who will act as respondent/defendant has signed this form, no further action by that spouse should be necessary for the remainder of the divorce process.

Also, the filing of this document waives the right of the parties to have papers served formally by a sheriff or process server.

Definition of Appearance, Consent and Waiver Form.

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