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Name Change Legal Forms

Forms for use when changing your name due to marriage or other reason through a legal court proceeding.

There are different situations where you might need to change your name. This can happen as a result of marriage, divorce or simply a desire to have a different name. Different procedures need to be followed in each case. Common name change forms include:
  • Bride Name Change Kits: All you need to change your name after you get married.
  • Divorce Name Change Forms: To help you change your name after a divorce.
  • Name Change Kits: The forms that need to be filed for an official name change request.
  • Name Affidavits: Used when different names have been used in the past.
These attorney-prepared name change forms will take the guess-work out of the process with simple to follow instructions, information and easy to use forms.

Name Change FAQ

How do legal name changes work?

Changing your name legally is a simple and straightforward process; however, the action surrounding a name change can be a little more complicated. When legally changing your name, there will typically be a few requirements, such as age and required court appearances.

Additionally, it will cost some legal fees to change your name and will not happen overnight as the name change has to be processed.

Once you’ve decided to change your name, it will help to use a name changing legal kit to become fully aware of your responsibilities in the process, including all proper court filings and state-specific instructions.

Why might I need a name change?

Although many people believe that legal name changes are rare, we forget the role they play in both marriages and divorces. For that reason, you’ve probably met hundreds if not thousands of people who have changed their legal names at some point. There are, of course, other reasons to change a name legally, ranging from the witness protection program to completely voluntary changes in identity.

How do I get started changing my name legally?

The best way to begin changing your name is first to identify your reasons. If you’re getting married soon, then a bride name changing legal kit might be one of your best options. A basic name change kit will also work for a variety of situations, though it’s best to seek out the forms most appropriately reflecting your situation.

What additional steps must be taking for name change, after legal fillings?

Many states have additional requirements for a name change after you have made all of the proper filings. These requirements typically consist of having the petitioner (the person requesting the name change) publish a notice of their name change in a local paper and informing individuals who may be affected by the petitioner’s name change. These requirements may differ in your state which is why it can be important to purchase a state-relevant name change kit.

What obstacles might arise when I seek a name change?

Aside from failing to meet the basic requirements of a name change (covered in the answer above), there may be additional “hiccups” along the way. For example, it is possible for someone to object to a name change if that name change could adversely affect them. (Similarly, in the case of name change for children under 18, a divorced spouse may have the right to object to a child’s requested name change). A court may then rule that the name change is not in the best interest of the public and therefore reject it; however, such occasions are rare.

If a name change is taking longer than two to three months, it’s usually because the name change process has hit some sort of snag; otherwise, you should expect to wait approximately this amount of time after all of the legal requirements of your name change have been met.

Can changing my name help me escape debts?

No. By changing your name through the court system you will not be able to escape any debts or problems you had under the old name; any legal problems you have will follow you through the name change, even if old contracts were signed under your old name. Ensuring that people do not escape legal and financial problems through name change is part of the reason the process can take a little longer than some would like.

What is a Name Affidavit?

A Name Affidavit is a form of Affidavit (or written declaration under oath) in which you verify that you are the same person but have been known under a different name. These must be signed in front of a notary and it’s important to remember that if falsified, one can be charged with perjury just as if they had lied on the witness stand.

There are two types of Name Affidavits: an Affidavit under penalty of perjury and a Name Affidavit Under Oath.

Will I need to sign a Name Affidavit?

Not always -- these typically only arise under specific circumstances.

Can minors get their names changed?

Although there is an age requirement for the petitioner to have their name legally changed, it is still possible for minors to acquire legal name changes. Responsibility for filings and approval fall upon the parents or legal guardians of the child. The court will more carefully review these name changes with an eye on doing what’s best for a child; adults are generally given more leeway to decide for themselves what is best.

What legal documents and cards are affected by a name change?

Everything from your Social Security Administration card to your passport can be affected by a name change, which is another reason that a name change cannot happen overnight. These are especially important to remember in the event of a divorce; a divorce decree document is official notice of your name change, but you’ll have to make sure that all of your other relevant identifying information is changed so that the government is properly notified.

Can I get a name change simply because I want one?

Provided you meet the other requirements of a name change (being of legal age, the name is consistent with the public interest, etc.), you can change your name simply because of a matter of personal preference. Though most people get a name change for another reason (such as marriage or divorce), a name change through personal preference is actually a relatively common reason for acquiring a legal name change.

Can I change my name back to its original state?

Yes -- this most commonly happens in the event of divorce, but you will still have the freedom to go back to your original name if you changed it for a reason other than marriage. It might take more time than you like to go back to your old name, but it is still the same process.

Interested in a Name Change? Here's How to Do It

We all laughed along with Homer Simpson (well, or at Homer Simpson) when in one episode of The Simpsons, he changed his name to Max Power. The name might sound a little ridiculous, but in the episode, Homer suddenly found that he was accepted into a whole new plane of society. The name gave him new confidence – something that he hadn’t found going through life as a Homer.

Of course, not all of our reasons for name changes are the same. We might have more legitimate legal reasons to change our name. We might want to separate ourselves from a troubled family history. We might need to go into hiding to avoid shady characters in our lives. Whatever your reason for getting a name change, you’ve come to the right place to find out more about the process. Here at FindLegalForms.com, we can handle a name change form for you quite easily – as well as explain what it’s all about.

Reasons for Name Changes

We often forget that name changes are a frequent legal action, taken almost every time someone gets married. We often also forget that there is a legal process for ensuring that this actually takes place. We offer a number of tailored solutions for the differing reasons for name changes, including:

  • General Name Changes: Of course, sometimes we don’t know your reason for a name change, but it’s your legal right to change it. That’s why we have easily-downloadable general name change forms ready for you. You can change your name simply to give yourself a new lease on life, to reflect a change in religion, etc.
  • Bride Name Changes: When two people get married, the bride will typically change her name – she might hyphenate her name or simply take on the full last name of her spouse. This is traditional in our society, which is why it’s so easy to do as far as legality is concerned. It’s also easy to handle by downloading the appropriate forms from FindLegalForms.com.
  • Divorce Name Changes: This is, of course, the opposite reason as the previous name change. Getting a divorce will mean significant changes in your life, and one of those changes often includes taking back your old name. For men, this is typically not an issue, but it is something that many women do regularly in the United States.

Start Changing Your Name Today

Many people put off the process of changing their name because they assume the process is going to be cumbersome and not pleasant at all. We don’t know how pleasant we can make it for you, but we can certainly take all of the pain out of it by making it easy for you to download name changes forms here at our site. We encourage you to pick the appropriate one out and get downloading today. You’ll be surprised at just how easy a process it can be to file this name change and legally have it changed soon.

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