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Free Book Publishing Agreement

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This Book Publishing Agreement is between a publisher and an author who desires to publish and distribute a book through the publisher. This agreement sets out the specific terms of the arrangement including the agreement term, sign up and royalty payments and the publication format. It also includes the specific warranties given to the publisher by the author. Having a written, rather than an oral, agreement for publication of a book is imperative. A written Book Publishing Agreement spells out the entire agreement and will prove valuable if there are disagreements or miscommunication between the author and publisher regarding the book's publication. This Book Publishing Agreement contains the following provisions: Parties: Sets out the name and address of the author and publisher; License: The author grants publisher a non-exclusive worldwide license to publish and distribute the work in print and electronic forms; Term: Sets out the term of the license for the book after its release date; Royalty Payments: Sets out the royalty percentage which publisher will pay to author; Submission Guidelines/Acceptance: Author agrees to follow publisher's submission guidelines and publisher reserves the right to reject any submission upon receipt; Publication Format/Price: The parties will mutually agree on the work's retail price and format; Author Warranties: Sets out a detailed list of author's representations and warranties to the publisher; Copyright Infringement: Sets out that publisher has the right to commence action for any copyright infringement; Signatures: This agreement must be signed by both the author and the publisher. Protect yourself and your rights by purchasing this attorney-prepared form. This attorney-prepared package includes: General Information Instructions and Checklist Book Publishing Agreement State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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