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Free Inventory Security Agreement

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This Inventory Security Agreement is between a secured party and a debtor who agrees to grant a security interest in certain inventory as collateral for a loan. This agreement sets out the details of this arrangement including the specific inventory items, location of the collateral and how it will be controlled. It also spells out what type of insurance will insure the collateral. A well-written Inventory Security Agreement will be useful in the event there are disagreements or miscommunications between the parties regarding the collateral which is security for a loan. This Inventory Security Agreement contains the following provisions: Parties: Sets out the name of the secured party and the debtor; Security: Detailed description of the inventory which acts as collateral for the loan including the evidence of title; Warranty: The debtor warrants that there are no financing statements covering the collateral; Location: Address of the location where the collateral is held and if location is changed, secured party still maintains security interest in the collateral; Insurance: Debtor will keep the collateral fully insured at its own expense; Remedies: Remedies available to the secured party in the event of default by the debtor; Signatures: The debtor must sign this agreement. Protect yourself, your rights and your property by purchasing this attorney-prepared form. This attorney-prepared package includes: General Information Instructions and Checklist Inventory Security Agreement State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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