Free Check Error Complaint Letter

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This Check Error Complaint Letter is for use by a company or an individual who has received a check in an incorrect amount. This letter contains all pertinent information including the check number and its amount and the correct amount which should have been received. It also sets forth that the payee will void and dispose of the check once a check in the correct amount has been reissued and received. A written Check Error Complaint Letter will serve as a written record of the circumstances surrounding the receipt of an incorrect check. This Check Error Complaint Letter contains the following: Parties: Sets out the names of the party who issued the check containing the wrong amount and the person who received the check; Check Information: Sets out the check number which was received and the correct amount of a check which should have been received. Protect Yourself and Your Rights by using our attorney-prepared up-to-date forms. This attorney-prepared packet contains: General Instructions Check Error Complaint Letter State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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