Free Duplicate Payment Refund Letter

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This Duplicate Payment Refund Letter is used to inform a customer or client that a payment has been made twice on an account. This letter sets out the amount of the recent payment, the date and amount of previous payment and that the duplicate payment is being refunded. It is important that this type of refund be set out in writing. A written Duplicate Payment Refund Letter will be helpful if there are questions or confusion regarding the exact amount of payments on the account. This Duplicate Payment Refund Letter includes the following: Parties: Sets out the name of the company and the name and account number of the individual who made a duplicate payment; Payment Information: Sets forth the amount of all received payments and encloses a refund of the duplicate payment. Protect yourself and your rights by using our attorney-prepared up-to-date forms. This attorney-prepared packet contains: General Instructions Duplicate Payment Refund Letter State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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