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Free License for Website Use of Art

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This License for Website Use of Art is between an artist and a website owner who desires to display artist's work on a website. This license gives the website owner the non-exclusive worldwide license to display the artwork and sets out any credit the artist will receive. It also sets out the term of the license and the fee paid to the artist for the artwork display. It is vital that this agreement be clearly set out in writing. A written License for Website Use of Art will be useful if there is miscommunication between the parties as to the artwork's display. This License for Website Use of Art contains the following provisions: Parties: Sets forth the name and address of artist and website owner; Grant of License: Artist grants website owner the non-exclusive license to use the artwork which is described in this provision; Artist Credit: Sets out the exact way in which the artist will be given credit for the artwork; Term and Termination: Sets out the effective date of the agreement which will remain in effect for the life of the copyright in the artwork and how the agreement can be terminated; Payments: Sets out how the artist will be paid for use of the work; Signatures: Both artist and website owner must sign this agreement. Protect yourself, your rights and your property by purchasing this attorney-prepared form. This attorney-prepared package includes: General Information Instructions and Checklist License for Website Use of Art State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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