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Free Literary Agent Agreement

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This Literary Agent Agreement is between a literary agent and an author for the purposes of representation and promotion of author's literary works. This agreement clearly sets out the terms of the arrangement including the type of literary work, the exclusive status of the agent and the term of the agreement. It also sets out the commission the author will pay to agent and that author has the right to audit the agent's accounting books and records at any time. A written Literary Agent Agreement is crucial in the event there are disagreements or misunderstandings between the author and the agent. This Literary Agent Agreement includes the following provisions: Parties: Sets out the names of the agent and the author; Literary Works: Sets forth the specific literary works for which the agent will provide representation (i.e., books, articles, screenplays, etc.); Term: The specific term of the agreement and automatic renewal provisions; Commission: The structure under which commissions will be paid to the agent; Expenses: Sets forth the expenses for which agent will be paid; Audit: The author has the right to have his or her accountant audit the agent's accounting records with reasonable notice and during regular business hours; Signatures: This agreement must be signed and accepted by both author and literary agent. Protect yourself, your property and your rights by purchasing this attorney-prepared form. This attorney-prepared package includes: General Information Instructions and Checklist Literary Agent Agreement State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states

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