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Popular Our very popular Invention and Research Agreement forms together in a convenient packet

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Popular Our very popular Invention and Research Agreement forms together in a convenient packet.

This attorney-prepared packet contains:
  1. Research and Development Agreement: This kit includes tools and guidelines for preparing a research and development agreement. In certain situations, one company may wish to engage another to perform certain research and development tasks. The second company may have particular expertise or equipment that make it better suited to perform the project, while the first company may have certain knowledge or market position that is an important component of such research. Under the terms of the sample agreement included in this kit, that second company is contracted to carry out a particular project, for which it is compensated by the engaging company, and in aid of which the engaging company may make available certain proprietary information to the contractor. At the completion of the project, the product developed by the contractor is assigned to the engaging company in an outright assignment.
  2. Research and Development Amendment Agreement: Occasionally after a research and development agreement has been entered into, the parties may agree that a change must be made to their arrangement. For example, you may wish to change the amount owed to the contractor for its services. It is important that these types of changes are documented, and not simply left to oral agreements.
  3. Assignment of Inventions to Employer: This form is for use in those situations in which a dispute may arise over who owns an invention which an employee created while on the job for an employer. By this form, the employee agrees to provide the employer with any information about such an invention. In addition, this document serves as an assignment and transfer to the employer of any rights that the employee may have had in any invention created on the job.
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