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Loan Agreements containing a Loan Extension Agreement with Guarantor Confirmation. This agreement effectively extends the maturity date of a loan and is between the borrower, guarantor and lender.

How Loan Agreements Have a Dramatic Impact on Your Life

Many of us hear a term like a “loan agreement” and our eyes glaze over. We simply don’t like documents that are essentially long pieces of fine print - and what’s worse, we don’t even understand them well enough to get what’s going on even if we do read the fine print. A loan agreement, to too many people, is simply something you skim over and quickly sign on the dotted line - and that’s it. It’s a means to an end. Well, a loan agreement might be a means to an end, but understanding just how much of an impact this “means” can have on your life will require a little more knowledge about loan agreements. Here’s how to understand yours. First, a great deal of “loan agreements” refer to mortgage agreements. Why? Because so many people take out loans for houses - in fact, it’s pretty much standard practice. You might have other agreements in your life, but they don’t often require loans being made. A loan agreement doesn’t just have to refer to a mortgage agreement, though. It can be any type of loan agreement - a car loan, a boat loan, a motorcycle loan, a business loan, a jewelry loan. Basically anytime you sign an agreement upon taking a loan, you’re signing a loan agreement. Given how much debt you can taken on by signing a loan agreement, it stands to reason that a loan agreement can have a dramatic impact on your life. If you sign a 30-year mortgage agreement, for example, then you’re committed to a major amount of money for a major amount of time. There’s no escaping that kind of agreement unless you can buy your way out of it. Similarly, other loan agreements will have similar terms - unless you make the payment of the loan in full, there’s really no way to get out of the money you owe. That’s why you sign loan agreements in the first place. But this commitment isn’t all a loan agreement will impact. Your monthly loan payments and the interest that adds up will also be major factors in determining a loan’s impact on your life. That means variables, like your credit score, will also come into play. A loan agreement made with someone with bad credit will typically cost a lot more money than a loan agreement made with someone with very good credit. They don’t necessarily teach you about credit in school, but understanding why having a good credit score can be beneficial for you - very beneficial - is paramount to saving a lot of money in the future. Loan agreements can also impact your life with the fine print. Understanding how defaulting on a loan will impact your credit, your finances, and your future is vital - and why you never want to default on a loan. That’s why you’ll need to read your loan agreement upfront to make sure you understand all that you’re agreeing to - and all that you’re committing yourself to.

Understanding Loan Applications

The first step in securing a loan is to complete a loan application. This section gives you a better understanding of what information is used to determine your ability to qualify for a loan. The information in this section is designed to help you organize all of the information that you will need to gather all of your necessary information and present to a bank or lending institution when you apply for a home loan. By reviewing your own personal information, you should be able to determine your ability to obtain a loan. The actual loan application that you use will come directly from the lender.

When you turn in your application, you’ll be required to pay a loan application fee to cover the costs of underwriting the loan. This fee pays for the home appraisal, a copy of your credit report, and any additional charges that may be necessary. The application fee is generally non-refundable. To ensure you won’t fall victim to loan fraud, be sure to follow all of these steps as you apply for a loan:

• Be sure to read and understand everything before you sign
• Refuse to sign any blank documents
• Do not buy property for someone else
• Do not overstate your income
• Do not overstate how long you have been employed
• Do not overstate your assets
• Accurately report your debts
• Do not change your income tax returns for any reason
• Tell the whole truth about gifts
• Do not list fake co-borrowers on your loan application
• Be truthful about your credit problems, past and present
• Be honest about your intention to occupy the house
• Do not provide false supporting documents

You will be required to bring various supporting documents with you when you have your loan application meeting with the lender. If you have everything with you when you visit your lender, you’ll save a good deal of time. You should have the following with you when you visit with your lender:

• Social Security numbers for both you and your spouse, if both of you are applying for the loan

• Copies of your checking and savings account statements for the past 6 months

• Evidence of any other assets, like bonds or stocks

• A recent paycheck stub detailing your earnings

• List of all credit card accounts and approximate monthly amounts owed on each

• List of account numbers and balances due on outstanding loans, such as a car loan

• Copies of your last 2 years’ income tax statements

• Name and address of someone who can verify your employment. Depending on your lender, you may be asked for other information **

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