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This Letter to a Credit Agency Reporting a Dispute is used when there is incorrect information in your credit report and you want to dispute it. This often happens when names or social security numbers are similar or when a parent shares a similar name to a child. This letter will serve as a written record of the dispute.

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This Letter to a Credit Agency Reporting a Dispute is used when there is incorrect information contained in your credit report. This commonly happens when there are errors in merging a social security number, where there are junior/senior relationships or where parents share a similar name with a child. This letter will dispute any inaccuracies through complete and thorough details as to why the information is incorrect. It also demands that the inaccuracies be investigated and removed from the credit report if found to be correct. A written Letter of Dispute to a Credit Agency will serve as an official record of the disputed information.

This Letter to Credit Agency Reporting a Dispute contains the following provisions:
  • Parties’ Information: Sets forth the name and address of the agency and the name, address (both current and former), date of birth and social security number;
  • Disputed Information: Sets forth in detail all information which is in dispute;
  • Demand for Investigation: Sets forth a written demand that the disputes be investigated, that all disputed information be deleted and that the credit report be updated.

Protect Yourself and Your Rights by using this accurate and up-to-date form. This attorney-prepared package includes:
  1. Information
  2. Letter to Credit Agency Reporting a Dispute
State Law Compliance: This form complies with the laws of all states
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[Initial Dispute Letter: ]
Your Name
City, State & Zip
Name of CRA
City, State & Zip
RE:   Your Name                                      
   Current Address:
   Former Address:
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am sending you this letter to dispute the inaccurate information currently displayed on my credit file. You are reporting many accounts in my credit history that are not, and never have been mine.
(Provide a ton of detail. Every last word you can use to explain the events, circumstances and facts regarding your dispute, for example, if you are disputing credit cards opened by your ex-spouse, (Johnson vs. MBNA, et al):  {my estranged husbands/wifes name is _________________.  I have not been in contact with him/her for a long time. However, late in our relationship, I discovered that he/she had a very serious gambling problem. I learned that he/she opened credit accounts without my knowledge, without my permission.  Now, these accounts are being reported on my credit profiles.
These accounts were only his/hers, and you mistakenly added them to my credit profiles, or else they were obtained and opened using my name and other personal information without my knowledge and permission. Either way, I do not owe any money regarding these accounts and the inaccuracies currently being reported are very injurious to my over-all credit rating. I demand these accounts be deleted from my credit file immediately:
AMEX  I have only one American Express account, which I opened in 1992. I believe it is the account reported as #_____________________. I have not applied for, or used any other such accounts.  You are reporting account #_____________________, as if it were indeed mine, to which it is not.
CHASE  I have never applied for, used, or agreed to be responsible for any account with Chase. My credit report shows an account for this company, its not mine.
You have other information displayed on my credit report that is inaccurate.  The following needs to be deleted:
Other addresses.  I have never lived at ____________________________, _____________.  In my entire lifetime, I have never resided or been employed at this address.
Employment.  I have never been employed by ____________________________.  This is my estranged husbands/wifes employer.
Accordingly, please correct my credit history and profile as detailed above.  I have enclosed a clear copy of my current photo ID, along with a copy of a recent utility bill as proof of my true identity and residency.  
As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have thirty days from the date you receive this letter to investigate, delete, update and return a corrected copy of my credit file to me.  
Sincerely yours,
Your Signature
Your Printed Name
[Use this letter if your initial attempts to gain a response from the credit-reporting agency, and you have not received a response from your initial dispute notice/letter within the required 30-day time frame. In this letter, and all succeeding correspondence with the credit-reporting agency, you need to get increasingly threatening and tough. Keep a copy for your files and send the letter CERTIFIED MAIL-RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED.]
City, State & Zip
            Article #
Name of Credit Reporting Agency
City, State & Zip
RE:  Dispute Letter of <Date you sent in first or previous requests>
Dear Consumer Relations Dept.:
This letter is formal notice that you have failed to respond to my dispute letter of . I sent the initial letter registered mail and have enclosed a copy of the return receipt that you signed on .
As you are well aware, the laws and statutes surrounding the Fair Credit & Reporting Act requires you to respond within a thirty (30) day time frame from the date you received my initial dispute notice. It has now been over that period since your receipt of my letter. Furthermore, I have not received a written request from your office stating you needed additional time to investigate my dispute.  As you no doubt are aware, failure to comply with federal regulations by credit reporting agencies is a serious violation of the Fair Credit Reporting ActFair Credit Reporting Act and may be investigated by the FTC. Obviously, I am maintaining detailed records of all my correspondence with you.
I am aware that you may have misplaced my letters or have failed to respond to my letter because of an oversight due to the high volume of the requests you receive daily. If this is the case, Im sure youll want to handle this matter as soon as possible. For this purpose, I have included a copy of my original request, the dated receipt of your reception of the original letter, and a copy of the proof verifying the incorrectness of the credit item you have mistakenly placed on my records.
The following information, therefore, needs to be verified and deleted from my credit reportcredit report as soon as possible:
CREDITOR AGENCY, Account/Ref.# ______________________________
CREDITOR AGENCY, Account/Ref.# ______________________________
CREDITOR AGENCY, Account/Ref.# ______________________________
Your Signature
Your Printed Name
Your Current Address
Your Former Address
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